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Modern Design

Modern technology


Our vision

Eimazh products include furniture, dining and dining services,

as well as an assortment of services that make it a special option for

families looking to complete their home furnishings. Eimazh is trying

to become a global player in the future, relying on technical

knowledge and the quality of good products.

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nature friendly brand

The particular approach towards the topic of environmental protection has introduced Imaj as a nature friendly brand.

Hi-tech technology

Strength, sustainability and durability due to the usage of Hi-tech technology in Imaj’s materials.

Health care

Compliance with health related issues, including the use of colors and Mdf, having health certificates from the World Health Organization.

Art and technology

The appropriate combination of techniques and art in the process of painting the products of the Imaj which leads to birth of the eye-catching products.

Guaranteed Works

Providing unconditional 2-year warranty and 5-years after-sale services for all products of Imaj.

24 / 7 Support

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